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Hi, I'm Emily, and here's is little a bit about me.

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   It all started at age fifteen when I was given my first camera; and it never left my hands since then. My photography skills grew along with me, and this hobby became a way to make magical connections with people.  


     From friends and family, I extended my sessions to classmates, friends of friends, to strangers met on social media. I decided to take its to a new level and took studio and photography courses. I then started shooting for newly weds, and fell deeper into photography than before. Portraying love through the lens is more than art, it's a passion.


     SEVEN PAST FIVE is about capturing that unique second, minute, hour of love. Whether it's an instant of self appreciation, a glimpse shared by two lovers or two friends, or sharing your love with the rest of the world, I'll be here to capture it.

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