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Whether you need a solo, couple, family or wedding shooting session, I'd be more than thrilled to work with you. Here's how I would approach our time together.



Want to build a portfolio or fill you Instagram feed?

From professional portrait shots for your portfolio, capturing pretty scenes in London or Paris, to artistic projects, I'm open to any ideas you have in mind.

It can be you only, with your bestie, or your family, we'll settle together what are your expectations from this experience, your preferred location and style of photography you'd like to get. 

I know it's not always easy to feel comfortable while posing, not knowing what to do with your body,  but my goal is to show your true beauty, so I'll help you every step of the way.


Prices start at £80, duration 1h, for 30 photos.



Want to capture precious personal moments?

At home, in London, in the lavender fields, or in the countryside surrounded by horses, wherever you feel the most like yourselves when you're together, I'll be there to capture it. 

I want to show how well you go together, and will make you forget that I'm even here to capture it.


I can pick the location if you're not sure where you'd like to shoot, will send you my ideas and visuals of what I have in mind for you, and if you already know what you'd like, share it with me! 

Prices start at £100, duration 1h30, for 50 photos. Can last longer depending on your project!

Gabrielle & Hector


Want to capture every important moments of your big day?

From the engagement to the honeymoon, and of course the wedding, I'm offering to capture any special moment of your relationship that you'd like to be framed forever.

I offer different packages for your weddings, tailored to your various needs, from preparation shooting before the ceremony, private shooting for the newly weds, to the full day and the first dance, and extras like a photo booth at the reception. I will adapt my skills to your expectations and budget, and make sure to make my photos reflect this special occasion.

Let's make your special day extra special!

Prices start at £1300, many options  and extras available!

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